Tips For Having Sex While On Your Period

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Having Sex on Periods Has Many Wonderful Advantages.

Although Sex on Periods might be messy, it does have certain advantages, like lessened stress and relief from period pains thanks to endorphins. We’ve contacted sex and health experts for their best advice if you’re new to period sex or just want to refresh your memory on the fundamentals.

Always Obtain Consent.

Foria Kiana Reeves, chief brand educator at CBD intimate product business, stated that period sex might be scary for novices. Before you enter the bedroom, be upfront and honest with your spouse and go over the activities you are comfortable with.

“Dr. Alex Bertucci, a licenced sex counsellor at pelvic physical therapy provider Origin, said: “If you’re intrigued about period sex, this is a fantastic opportunity to open up the channels of discussion with your partner.” Even if you finally decide to pass, improving your sex communication skills is a great plus.”

Another physical therapist at Origin, Dr. Ashley Rawlins, DPT, agreed that communication and consent are essential.

Then, think about your alternatives for safety. Use your preferred birth control technique because you can still become pregnant while on your period. Additionally, bear in mind that period sex carries the risk of contracting a STI. Use a condom if your spouse has a penis if STIs are a worry. Reeves suggests Lorals, FDA-cleared latex underwear for STI protection, if they have a vulva. Dental dams are useful for STI prevention as well.

Lubricant, Dark Towels, And More About Sex on Periods

Place dark cloths on your bed to prevent stains, especially if you or your partner are experiencing a particularly rough day of your period.

Remove tampons before penetration, advised Rawlins, since they may travel to a deep location that is uncomfortable.

If you don’t want free bleed, apply Nixit during penetration. Nixit is a vaginal disc like a menstrual cup but without a stem.

Even your period blood can serve as natural lubricant, using tampons might make you feel particularly parched. Have lubrication on hand, said Reeves. Oil-based lubricants may tear down a condom, so choose water- or silicone-based alternatives.Use a water-based lubrication while using a silicone sex toy since silicone touching silicone can harm the toy.

Remember that your cervix’s structure and location fluctuate throughout your cycle, advised Bertucci. You might want to try with different positions or depths because the sensation of penetrative sex may vary depending on where you are in your cycle.

If you’re not comfortable with penis or finger penetration, Rawlins recommends outercourse and clitoris. If you want to assault someone on their period, they may wear Lorals or an internal device, or neither if you don’t care.

Sex on Period Hygiene

There’s nothing unclean about your period, said Rawlins, so your typical post-coital regimen should be sufficient. Because the vagina self-cleans, cleaning it raises your risk of pain or infection by disturbing the usual bacterial balance.

Warm water and mild, unscented soap should be used on exposed skin, such as the inner thighs. Use just warm water and your palm, a soft washcloth, or the tissues of the vaginal opening.

After having sex, Reeves suggests taking a warm shower together to clean up and serve as “a lovely way to sustain closeness before beginning or finishing your day.”

Catherine Nguyen, COO and co-founder of Cheeky Bonsai, recommends peeing after sex.

She said, perhaps as a result of hormonal and microbial changes, some people have a higher risk of developing a UTI during their periods. Because it “flushes” away germs, urinating can help prevent UTIs.

Nguyen advises laying down a towel, using cold water to erase stains, and finding a partner who will jump your bones at any time of your cycle. With a few precautions, period sex may be as delightful and private as normal sex.

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