Leh Ladakh Tour: Best Time To Go

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Any tour is not always about the destination, it is about the journey too. Leh Ladakh tour is one of such trips where you can enjoy being on the road as much as the destination itself. Leh Ladakh has always been a dream destination among bikers and adventure lovers, tourists want to rush to this place whenever possible. Leh Ladakh has mountains, snow-Cladded views, rivers, lakes, and valleys that always touch your chordal.

If you are planning to visit this adventure land you might be wondering what is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh. While few people prefer to visit in summers when the climate remains most energising and obliging. When the buzz of movement and dynamic Hemis festival takes place. Again there are people who prefer to visit in Winter when winters have their own particular appeal with snow and mountains which offer the best view.

During the winters world’s most adventure trek Chadar trek can be enjoyed. Leh Ladakh has many more to offer in winters. people choose to trek over the grand and solidified Zanskar river. During the winters this river has its own charm and allure. You must have heard a lot about Leh Ladakh’s natural beauty, harsh weather, high altitude, and treks.

Let’s gain more insight into the discussion of the best months to go on the Leh Ladakh tour.

Summer Months Bliss Between April To June

Undoubtedly summer months are the best months to plan a Leh Ladakh tour. Summer months are peak tourist months in Leh Ladakh because its temperature remains around 30 degrees Celsius to a minimum of 5 degrees celsius. During the high-temperature snow gets melted and offers a vibrant life and buzz of tourist activities. Tourists get to indulge in almost every remote area to enjoy the sunrise and its pleasant warmth. Camping is one of the most popular activities done by tourists in the summer months. Likes are best enjoyed on summer days. Bikers choose to navigate the surreal landscape and scenery in the summer months.

Summer months offer the unimaginable experience of the Khadgar Lautrec at the height of 17000ft. Nature opens its door to navigate the gorgeous valleys and remote villages in the summer months. There is a Magnetic hill which is a must-visit and a rare phenomenon. Hemis festival is celebrated by Ladakhis at the Hemis Montessori where the spectacle of the masked dance is performed by the locals with their unique headgear and jewellery.

Monsoon Allure From July To September

July comes with occasional landslides and roadblocks because of rain. Although Leh is a rain shadow area where moderate rainfalls happen. During the summers temperature stays from 3 degrees to 16 degrees celsius. The weather during September remains at its glory till early October.

If you are planning to tour Leh via Manali then you can avoid the congested Rohtang pass.

Winter Thrill In Leh Ladakh Between The October To March

The winter tour in Leh Ladakh must be carefully planned amid cold conditions and harsh temperatures of sub-zero levels that settle between 5 degrees to 30-degree celsius. Planning in winter has some perks too as it unfolds an amazing snow-covered landscape, icy treks over the frozen lakes, and much more for the tourist rush. During winter hotels rates remain cheaper and the most difficult trek Chadar trek remains open till mid-March which is one of the attractions among adventure enthusiasts. Skiing and ice hockey are popular winter activities. If you plan to tour in winter you can join locals to celebrate the winter festivals such as Ladakhi loser, Thiksay Gustor, tungshak. Ladakhi butter tea is a popular Ladakhi drink to keep you warm up in the morning and Thukpa for dinner.

Tips And Suggestion

If you plan to tour Leh Ladakh Acclimatisation is highly recommended as Ladakh lies at an elevation of 10000 ft you may suffer from headaches, dizziness, and acute mountain sickness.

How To Reach Leh Ladakh

Leh airport is known as Kushok Airport which is the nearest airstrip to Ladakh and connects to Delhi, Jammu, and Chandigarh. If you choose to reach via Train the Jammutawi railways are the nearest railway station which is about 700 km from Ladakh. After reaching Jammu you need to head to Srinagar by road and then Ladakh. After Srinagar, it is a two-day journey to reach Ladakh with a night halt in Kargil.

If you are planning to reach by Road the Manali- Leh road and the Srinagar- Leh these two routes will be there. Manali- Leh way is a popular route to reach Leh ladakh. The Manali- Leh road remains snow-laden most of the year. It opens around the first week of June and remains accessible till the end of September.

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