How To Get COVID-19 NIMS NADRA Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan?

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So, here’s an idea how you easily get your NIMS NADRA vaccination certificate online in Pakistan from the NIMS NADRA website!! Just click on the links below and download your vaccination certificate just in Rs.100.

Table of contents:

  • What is the NADRA Vaccination Certificate?

How to Get NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online in Pakistan

  • 1. Go to the NIMS NADRA Website
  • 2. Select COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Option
  • 3. Enter Your ID Card Number and CNIC Issue Date
  • 4. Enter Your Name, Passport Number and Nationality
  • 5. Payment Options
  • 6. Get Your Vaccination Certificate
  • Why Should I Get the COVID-19 NADRA Vaccination Certificate?
  • Who Can Get the Vaccination Certificate?
  • What Is the Fee for the Vaccination Certificate?

What is NADRA Vaccination Certificate?

NADRA Vaccination Certificate by Government of Pakistan has been giving free vaccinations to residents of Pakistan from the start of 2021, the NCOC through the NATIONAL IMMUNISATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (NIMS) has started

various vaccination platforms in Pakistan from where people all across the country can be done with their vaccinations.

What are the Benefits of Getting COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

Now heading towards the benefits of getting your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. Firstly, you can use it as evidence to show anyone that you are fully vaccinated. The most important benefits of Vaccination certificate are for those travelers who often travels to abroad for this they have to show their vaccination certificates at airport as a safety measure.

Government is very serious about conducting the vaccine to all public so that they can handle the pandemic situations. So, this vaccination certificate is like a ticket to assist many services locally or abroad.

Moreover, if you don’t have your NIMS certificate, they will not let you enter in airport as a result of this you can’t fly anywhere. They always warn you to get your COVID test done before 24 hours so that you can fly to abroad without any restriction. However, some workplaces made it compulsory for employees to

submit their certificates in order to check whether they are vaccinated or not and to also control the rapid spread of the disease. Nowadays when you go to restaurants, cafés or any play areas they always ask about your vaccination otherwise they will never let you get in.

Vaccination Certificate is also mandatory when you visit to tourist spots in Pakistan. These vaccination certificates will help you to book hotel rooms as a precautionary measure. Educational institutions will not allow entering the unvaccinated people over 17. Unvaccinated people will not allow to travel in Buses and railways. Government will not allow them to enter in any shopping malls and tourist places. As a result of this they can lost their jobs and will not allowed to work from office’s. Hence vaccination is the actual solution to avoid the lockdowns and all the restrictions that made to control the pandemic will over.

What Steps include to Get a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Online?

When you get both doses of vaccine, you can obtain a certificate from NADRA. There are following two ways to obtain your vaccination certificate from NADRA.

  1. Download Vaccination Certificate Online
  2. Besides that, you can get COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from NADRA Center

Let’s talk about how can you obtain your Certificate.

How to Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Online?

These following guidelines can help you get the certificate for Vaccination:

Visit the NIMS NADRA Website

After being fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, you can simply get the report for vaccination. Just you need to enter the data in NATIONAL IMMUNISATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (NIMS).

Visit :

Enter ID Card Number and CNIC Issue Date

Here you going to enter your 13-digit National Identity Card (NIC) Number and its date of issue. Don’t forget to solve the reCAPTCHA. Make sure you verify it by selecting کریں تصدیق button.

Enter your Passport Number, Nationality and Name

In this step you enter name, passport number if required, and your nationality. Then you confirm it to continue further.

Payment Method

There are two ways for payment to get your vaccination certificate. First is to pay online and second you can pay via visa credit and debit card or you can pay through any franchise near you. In case you enter credit and debit card option you will get an OTP on your telephone number. Then you have to confirm your payment. Fee required for this certificate is Rs.100 only.


Lastly you can send your CNIC sans dashes to 1166 to check your vaccination status. You can use this message as a proof to verify your vaccination status within Pakistan.

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